Breeding Bulls – Cow Calf

May 4, 2021 @ 11:30 am


**11:30 AM   TUESDAY, MAY 4th, 2021 11:30 AM** 


B & G KROHN:              8 (4) Black Angus Yearling Bulls, Sons of Destination & Mill Bar Hickock

————————- (2) 2 Year Old  Horned Hereford Heifer Bulls, Trich Tested

————————-(1) Registered Angus 2 Year Old Bull, Trich Tested

————————-(1) Commercial Angus 2 Year Old Bull, Trich Tested

C. SCHOLTING:            5 Registered Angus Yearling Bulls, All Vaccinated

D. BEED:                       4 Charolais 4 & 5 Year Old Bulls, Originated from Schnuelle Charolais, Trich Tested

DOERR FARMS:           3 Black Angus Registered Yearling Bulls, All Vaccinated & Poured

J. STEARNS:               2 (1) 2 Year Old British White Bull from Bohaty Herd

————————- (1) British White Yearling Bull from Bohaty Herd

B. PELSTER:                 1 Red Angus Coming 2 yr Old Virgin Bull, Son of LSF SRR Triumph 3100A


A & K NELSEN:            35 Black & Baldy Running Age Cows w/ Month-2 Month Old Calves at Side

G. RUDLOFF:                35 Black & Baldy Running Age Cows w/ Black & Char-Angus X Calves at Side, Calves  Vaccinated

E. FICK:                       34 Black Solid to Short-Solid Mouth Cows w/ Month to 2 Month Old Black Calves at Side, Calves are Worked

L. SPANGLER:              20 Black Short-term Cows w/ Calves at Side

G. WOSTREL:               10 (8) Black Angus Home-Raised 1st Calf Heifers w/ Black Angus March Calves at Side

————————-  (2) Black Angus 2nd Calf Cows w/ Black Angus March Calves at Side

B. REIMERS:                7 Black Running Age Cows w/ Black Calves at Side

M. MUELLER:               7 Red & Red BF Heifers w/ February & March Calves at Side

C. CLAUSE:                  7 Black & Char 3rd Calf to Solid Mouth Cows w/ month old Calves at Side

L. KOENIG:                  6 Black Angus 4th Calf Cows w/ March Calves at Side


G. EYMANN:                 15 Red Angus & Black Fall Calving Solid Mouth to Running Age Cows, Bred Char, Calf 8-1 for  60 days, Preg-Guard & Poured

R. SIECKE:                   10 (5) Black Summer Calving Young Cows, Bred Black, Calf 6-1 for 60 Days

————————- (5) Black Fall Calving Cows, Bred Black, Calf 9-1 for 60 days

A & K NELSEN:            6 Black & Baldy Running Age Cows, Bred Black, Calving Now


May 11-18-25: Regular Auctions


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