The Creighton Livestock Market, Inc. is a  full service market handling strictly local farm and ranch fresh  livestock. Almost all consignments being offered will be from a 75-mile radius of Creighton, Nebraska.

Creighton Livestock Market is one of the top ten markets in Nebraska in  feeder cattle sales selling from 75, 000 to 80, 000 head annually.

On any given day, Creighton Livestock Market has the capacity to pen 3,000 or more cattle in pens with  feed and water available to all stock.

Tuesday is the regular sales day  with the cattle sale starting at 11:30 pm. Sale order is baby calves,  breeding stock, calves, yearlings, and finally slaughter cows. Special  bred cow sales are held on Saturdays though the winter months.

Creighton Livestock Market utilizes 3 publications, 9 radio stations,  and the internet to let eastern Nebraska and anyone else interested know  what is being offered on any given Tuesday.